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Who Are We?

Dear Friends,

As the church faces an uncertain future, Baltimore Washington Conference churches are called to explore the heart of their faith with this 18-week resource on who we are as a people of God, as United Methodists, and as the people of the Baltimore-Washington Conference. 

It is the hope of our Bishop and conference leadership that this will help us prepare for whatever changes are coming by refining our understanding of who we are.  We all need to know our core values as individuals and as a congregation.  

On the next page is an outline and suggested start dates for each session. Current groups may choose to use these materials and new groups and times will be offered. As soon as I know more details, I will get them out to you. More information and opportunities to participate will be forthcoming.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Pastor Martha

Who Are We?

An Introspective Analysis of Head and Heart

Part 1: Who Are We as a People of God?
Suggested start date: Week of Oct. 13
Session 1: Exploring the Nature of God
Session 2: Learning Lessons from the Garden
Session 3: Remembering
Session 4: Embracing the Many Names of God
Session 5: Visioning and Prophesying
Session 6: Liberating


Part 2: Who Are We as United Methodists?
Suggested start date: Week of Jan. 5, 2020
Session 1: Our Theology of Grace
Session 2: Our Foundations (Connectional, Covenantal, Conciliar) 
Session 3: Our Way of Understanding Scripture (Wesleyan Quadrilateral)
Session 4: Our Wesleyan Discipleship and The Means of Grace
Session 5: Our Founder: John Wesley the Resister
Session 6: Our Unfinished Business, What Really Happened in 1968?

Part 3: Who Are We as People of the Baltimore-Washington Conference?
Suggested start date: Week of Feb. 23, 2020
Session 1: Hope Born Out of History: The Cradle of Methodism
Session 2: Hope Born Out of History: Law and Grace 
Session 3: Hope Born Out of History: Our Struggles
Session 4: Hope Born Out of History: Telling the Whole Truth
Session 5: Hope Born Out of History: Our Missional Impact
Session 6: Hope for Our Next Steps

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View the PDF Online HERE!

Your grace is amazing, dear God. Thank you for meeting our needs through the tender care and concern of the people around us.                                                                             In Jesus’ name,                                                         Amen.

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