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Safe Sanctuary

We as a Christian community of faith, are committed to conducting the ministry of the gospel in ways that assure the physical, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth of all who participate in our worship and ministries. In partnership with all United Methodist Churches in the Baltimore Washington Conference we have established Safe Sanctuary policies and procedures that are in place to protect our children, youth, and vulnerable adults.

Teachers and aides are trained and screened for service in our church, but it is important for all parents and members to be in partnership for our Safe Sanctuary to be most effective. Our policy establishes requirements intended to create a safe and nurturing environment.

When the crowd tries to keep the children away from Jesus, he was quick to respond, “Let the children come to me.” Jesus taught that children were to be included and provided for within the community of faith. Today the church may be the only place where some children find the unconditional love and care they so desperately need to grow and thrive. As Christians, we must take our responsibilities to our children very seriously, and we fail if we neglect to take adequate precautions against abuse in our churches. We can greatly reduce the risk by following a thorough practical policy of prevention.

Our building is a public space during the week and on Sunday mornings. The most effective thing we can do to protect children/youth is to make sure they are fully supervised on property both in the building and on our playground and parking lot . When not in their parent’s presence all children/youth must be supervised by 2 adults who have been screened through the Safe Sanctuary training program.

Our Safe Sanctuary policies include training and online background checks for all people working with children ad youth. All paid staff including clergy, receive a fingerprinted background check.


More information about our Safe Sanctuary program may be obtained from the church office: 301-762-2288 

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