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How well do you know your fellow congregants? Do you feel like RUMC is your family? Sometimes we can get so caught up in our own lives, that we miss an opportunity to be a part of a community. For the next year or so we will be introducing you to each other through Member Spotlight! And we want to hear from you! Who do you want to learn more about! Send us your nominations and we’ll have you all knowing everyone in RUMC by next year! 

Mike & Fran Fleming



Mike and I met as the only attendants in his brother’s wedding. The bride was my roommate. Our courtship lasted five years before we finally tied the knot 55 years ago! Difficult to plan as Mike was in Nebraska and I was in Atlanta! We both grew up in Baltimore, spent a year in Nebraska while Mike finished his degree in physical education, lived two years in Takoma Park and finally landed in our “starter” home in Rockville. We’ve been there ever since. Mike taught P.E. in the county middle & elementary schools. He also coached high school track throughout his whole teaching career. He now volunteers as a cross country and track coach for the city of Rockville children’s teams. He also enjoys photography. 

I completed a B.S. in nursing at the University of Maryland and a master of nursing education at Emory University. I was able to teach nursing at several institutions. I had a variety of nursing positions over the 50 plus years of working. I admit that my passion is actually patient education and was able to become a certified diabetes educator (CDE) for about 20 years. I earned another credential for faith based nursing late in my career and was able to apply much of what I learned when volunteering at RUMC. 


We have only one living child, Kim Crilly, who has a son, Collin (22 years) and a daughter, Megan (20 years). We have been fortunate to live close enough to be part of their lives since they were born. Both are in college now. They have a golden-doodle who knows us by name and even recognizes our car!


I am looking forward to signs of Spring (my favorite season) with new growth, more daylight (and that’s happening already) and the Lenten season with its message of renewal & Hope.


Funnily, I’ve found that a sense of humor helps me in many situations. I would never have gotten through nursing without out. I have not grown old gracefully, but I can laugh off the age related changes. In spite of my medical training, I think that laughter is the best medicine.

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