Troop 447 Scores a "Triple Triple"

Troop 447 Scores a “Triple Triple” | Scouters Digest- Tom Begines

On Jan. 5, 2019, Troop 447, Rockville, Md., held a rare quadruple Eagle Court of Honor for its four newest Eagle Scouts:  Andrew T. Green, David E. Hinds, Jeremiah K. Whitney and Matthew S. King.  These young men became Troop 447’s 136th, 137th, 138th and 139th Eagle Scouts since the troop was formed in 1950.  Remarkably, each of them began their Eagle trail in the same den in Cub Scout Pack 928.  The event was truly remarkable in yet another way.  It marked a “triple triple” for Troop 447.  Andrew Green is the youngest of the three sons of Assistant Scoutmaster John and     Sonya Green.  Both of Andrew’s older brothers, Robert and William, became Eagle Scouts through Troop 447.   Matthew King is the youngest of the three sons of Assistant Scoutmaster David and Halina King.  Both of his older brothers, Joe and Noah, became Eagle Scouts through Troop 447.   In attendance at the Court of Honor were Assistant Scoutmaster and Eagle Mentor Chuck and Sue Aubertin, parents of three sons, Michael, Gregory and Douglas . . . all of whom became Eagle Scouts through Troop 447.  Three sets of three brothers from three 447 families, all Eagle Scouts --- a “triple triple” for the troop.

The event was even more historic because it was multi-generational.  “Mattie” King’s proud father, David King, Troop 447’s 36th Eagle Scout, administered the Eagle Charge during the ceremony.  “I never thought, as a 16-year-old Eagle Scout in 1978, that I would have three sons and they would all become Eagles,” said Mr. King.  Also in attendance was Mattie’s grandfather, David J. King, Sr., who was a member of Troop 447 in the 1950’s and an adult leader in the troop in the 1970’s.  Mattie’s great grandfather, Albert T. King, was also a Troop 447 adult leader.  Scoutmaster Steve Pirozzi and Master of Ceremonies and former Scoutmaster Charlie Griffiths presided over the Court held at the Rockville United Methodist Church, the chartered organization for both Troop 447 and Pack 928.

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