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Mission News

Give Ye Them To Eat

An integrated development program

Dear Covenant Friends,
The work with GYTTE the Give Ye Them To Eat Ministry in the state of Puebla Mexico is going great. We thank you so much for your prayers as we begin work with this ministry!

Today we are writing to remind you that #GivingTuesday is coming up. In case you are new to this, it is a time when United Methodist’s join together to give for ministries and missionaries. So, it’s a great opportunity to make your annual gift for Nan McCurdy #10801Z and/or Miguel Mairena #12877z. And you can also make a gift of love to GYTTE #07629A.

To Donate put Donate Now Global Ministries Give Now into your search engine. When the page comes up it will have places for your information. In the box for Project/Partner put the information for Nan or Miguel or GYTTE. Thank you so much!

GYTTE is doing well and helping others feel God’s love and have a better life, especially rural people of the state of Puebla.


We have helped six families have straw-bale homes since the September 2017 earthquake. They are cooler and more resistant and we will help more families build homes before the year is over. Various groups have worked on houses and next week we will have a group from Pennsylvania and a group of Mexican pastors including the bishop, who is from Tlancualpican where the Tree of Life Center is. She is amazing and the first woman Bishop in this conference.

We planted corn this year and the harvest was good. Most of it went for the goats and sheep that are eventually sold at inexpensive prices to farm families.

In September we had a Training Course for 20 Health Promoters. Veronica Palacios is the very talented women who designs and facilitates the courses. The women ultimately serve their families, churches and communities. There are US medical groups during the year and the Promoters travel to impoverished areas to help them out.

The week of the training in Tlancualpican at the Tree of Life Center they had a Health Fair in a neighboring town. They taught about Diabetes and checked glucose levels; Heart health and took blood pressure; basic hygiene; taught all about dental care and more.

And the most interesting part was that we had a group from Brentwood UMC in Tennessee with us. They participated in the Training, encouraged the women and formed friendships with them. It was a marvelous week. They also visited families with straw-bale homes, they painted a building, learned about the farm and spent time with the staff. One member is a Pastor at Brentwood and she was asked to preach – she was great!

We hope to host you here sometime in the near future.
                            In God's Love,
                                    Nan & Miguel

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Dear God, thank you for sending the angels to proclaim the good news of Christ’s birth to come. Help us to focus on the meaning of their message    

                                                                                                   In Jesus’ name,                                                         Amen.

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