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Committed to Christ

Making Disciples of a new Generation

Dear Friends,


Below is a link for our devotional booklet written by friends of this church. It has been compiled and curated by Fran Conger and Julian Sparrow. It is designed to travel with you through the spiritual journey that is an integral part of the capital campaign we are beginning today. 
Our church vision is Making Disciples of a New Generation. We want to carry on RUMC’s witness to the love of Jesus Christ in our community. We want to continue  to serve Rockville and our world through acts of mercy and justice. You will be hearing more about this vision in the weeks ahead. 
In the meantime, I ask with all my heart that you read this devotional booklet and pray. Our campaign kick-off date is April 15. Perhaps you could set an alarm every 
day at 4:15 as a reminder to pray. If that time doesn’t work, choose another and remain faithful in prayer. Pray for these things: 

•   The City of Rockville—for its well being and for how our church can bless this community
•   Rockville United Methodist Church—that we might be faithful to Jesus’ commission to make disciples
•   Our  capital campaign—that we might raise funds needed to support new ministry through reduced debt
•   Your part in all of this—ask God what you should give to this campaign—ask and then listen


Thank you for joining in this journey. I will be praying for you and I hope you will be praying for me.

                    In the love of Christ which binds our hearts,
                                       Pastor Martha


Download the rest of the devotions>


Our Mission

Christ has called Rockville United Methodist Church (RUMC) to make disciples of Christ to reach and love our neighbors. God’s grace compels us to share God’s love by inviting others to faith in Christ and by serving our neighborhood and the world.

read the rest of the case statement here>

Prayers & Readings

during the Capital Campaign

SOAP is a way to hear God through the Bible. Each week, read the scripture before Sunday using the SOAP method described below.

SOAP focuses on 4 things:


Read the scripture and write down one verse that stands out to you.


Write what you observe in the verse and the surrounding scriptures. 


Write down how you sense God wants you to apply this verse to your life.


Write a short prayer of response asking God to help you do or be what 
you sense God has just shown you.

What can you pray for?

The welfare of Rockville

RUMC’s mission to Rockville

Our capital campaign to fund new ministry through reduced debt

What God would have you give to this campaign

April 15

The Love of Christ Urges us On

2 Corinthians 5:6-17

April 22

Sacrifice? Who Me?

Mark 14:32-42

April 29

Faith in what God can do

Hebrews 11:1-4, 11:29-12:2

May 5

Joyful Commitment

Psalm 116:1-14

1 Corinthians 4:7

1 John 4:9-10


the people of RUMC to pray, seeking God to guide each of us in making a commitment to give over the next three years so that our vision becomes a reality.

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